5 most innovative marketing campaigns of 2015

The biggest challenge for marketers, and basically everybody connected with marketing, is creativity. On too many occasions we see repeated TV ads, already seen billboards and advertising material, that has been around for ages, failing to achieve the desired effect. In reality however, there are cases of marketing campaigns that are filled with innovative ideas and just invite us towards them. That’s why we have decided to introduce you to 5 most innovative marketing campaigns of 2015, chosen by Entrepreneur, an acclaimed American magazine.

1. »Shot on iPhone 6«


Source: Entrepreneur.com

We are talking about Apple’s campaign, which started off as a website, where, through the use of social media, they encouraged users to upload and share their own photos, shot on iPhone 6. It’s interesting that the whole thing began as a competition, which is still on-going. But the biggest success of this campaign lies within combining marketing, social media, advertising space and engaging their own user base. By making this innovative move, Apple activated their loyal users to do everything for them, from acquiring content to distribution of it.

The results of this campaign were huge billboards with a simple (but moving) message and breathtaking locations. With »Shot on iPhone 6« slogan, Apple effectively highlighted the capabilities of their own device as well as showed stunning images that one can take using it.

2. »The Museum of Feelings«

Muzej (1)

Source: Entrepreneur.com

In the center of New York, all of a sudden a giant four-week »pop-up« museum appeared, which was advertised as the first museum in the world that reacts to feelings. Inside you could find free exhibitions of modern art, that were playing along with five human senses, mostly smell. Of course in reality this wasn’t a museum, but a smart marketing move by an acclaimed producer of fragrances, Glade.

Glade knew that combining corporations with art will start a stampede of reactions, and that’s exactly what happened. Besides getting criticized, they also achieved their goal of attracting global recognition. The hashtag #museumoffeelings appeared on social media more than 120.000 times.

3. Barbie: »You can be anything«

3 (1)

Source: Entrepreneur.com

Barbie also presented an interesting approach to advertising. They asked young girls, what they wanted to become when they grow up. Later, using hidden cameras, they infiltrated them into their chosen professional environment, some of them being an academic professor and football coach.

The campaign ended with one of the girls playing with barbies and a message: »You can be anything«. Besides evoking strong emotions, they also succeeded in addressing the question of associating barbies with sexist discrimination.

4. Honda: »The other side«

4 (1)

Source: Entrepreneur.com

Honda recently launched a campaign promoting their newest functionality named »Type R Concept«. They created a video showing a man’s double life. Same-titled video follows a man living two lives, one as a parent and in the other being a criminal, while using Honda for both roles.

The biggest innovation lies within pressing the »R« button, which enables the viewer to change in-between both roles. The two ads are mirror images of each other, but the viewer is never allowed to watch both at the same time. This makes the video a unique and innovative experience, which encourages the user to engage and interact with the ad. It’s something completely new and raises the question, why aren’t more TV shows/movies interactive in the same way?

5. Jameson: »3-D whiskey shot«

5 (1)

Source: Entrepreneur.com

Jameson, through the use of Facebook and Instagram, launched their campaign on the most famous Irish holiday, St. Patrick’s Day. The animation is all about the user experience, showing how a shot of whiskey is being sent to you from the other side of the counter by your friend. Even though the video is shown on two-dimensional screen, the whole experience simulates a true 3-D effect.

Where is the future taking us?

It’s definitely nice to look into the past and see what the year 2015 had to offer, but a bigger challenge lies within anticipating trends of the future. As I wrote in the introduction, we need to focus on actions that stand out and campaigns which take our breath away and show us something fresh. That’s why we need to take innovation as our inspiration and encourage creativity, because it’s the only way to attract interest and, of course, the trust of our clients.


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