How video content can lead you to new customers and higher conversion?

When entering into a new year, we like to look back and make some sort of an overview of what has happened in the previous year. Besides that it is also important to turn our attention towards trends that are coming our way. Of course one thing that we know about predictions is, that they are rather inaccurate, but nevertheless can also serve as a guideline for thinking about future strategies.

Content marketing has become more and more visually oriented, one thing indicating this trend is the prediction that in 2019 about 80% of the whole internet traffic is going to be achieved through videos. This is comes as no surprise, since trends on social media are showing, that people, most of all, like to share video content. According to that, Forbes decided to do a review of five visual marketing trends, which will prevail in 2016.

1. Increased emphasis on branded video content



To first straighten out what branded video content actually is: we are simply talking about videos, which are posted by brands trying to create added value, encourage users to comment and share (promotional videos, behind-the-scenes footage, interviews etc.).

In the coming period, the importance of this kind of videos is only going to rise and most of the credit for this goes to Youtube. More than 4 billion views daily make Youtube the third most visited website in the world (right after Google and Facebook). This is an important piece of information for all marketers out there, who will have to adapt their strategy to new trends and pursue new customers on the most viral video-sharing platform. Of course this doesn’t necessarily mean that all content needs to be created brand new, just strategic use of existing material in combination with fresh videos, that are interesting to your followers.

2. Videos on home pages and product/service pages

Marketers will face a new challenge, hot to make webpages less static and more interactive. Even though the importance of Youtube is on the rise, a correct strategy still needs to be chosen in order to successfully incorporate video content to your home page or product sub-pages.

Another thing that’s worth thinking about, is the usage of background videos. While your customers are browsing through your webpage, there could be a thematic video playing in the background, which makes the page more dynamic (look at examples of pages using this). It is also important to think more about including video content on pages like »about us« or product pages. Promoting products through the use of videos can be especially important if the products represent some sort of innovation or their nature is rather complex. Also to guide users through the buying process, which is clearly result-oriented and aims for higher conversion rates from site visitors to customers.

3. Uporaba GIF animacij na družbenih omrežjih



A lot of marketers and social media specialists have, in the year 2015, noticed an increase in short video content and GIF animations. If we only look at the most viral tweets of the past year, most of them use some sort of visual element. An average user is willing to give a bit more than 8 seconds of his attention to a certain post, so he only wants to get what’s important and not read long paragraphs, which explains a lot.

That’s another reason why GIFs are so fit for social media, besides being short and offering focused information, they also easily attract attention and stand out. It is also expected that Vine video fragments (6 second videos) will spread further, even though they are already quite popular among general public, brands haven’t completely adapted them yet.

4. Real-time storytelling via live-stream social media

Thanks to Meerkat and Periscope, two completely new video-sharing platforms have emerged in 2015. It is a principle known as »live-stream social«, where you can present video content to your followers in real-time.

Expect this to become something ordinary in 2016, since both platforms offer infinite possibilities of use: from various product presentations, sneak-peaks, celebrity hosting, live interviews to different competitions and similar.

There are many debates online as to which of the platforms is better, that’s why we offer you an infographic below, that shows you the strengths and weaknesses of both. You can also take a look at some successful examples of companies already using Periscope.



5. Video as a breath of fresh air for e-mail marketing

It would be foolish to claim that e-mail marketing is dying, but the fact is that through the use of new media in form of SMS messages and social networks, more and more attention is given to them and less to e-mails. We can expect a breath of freshness for e-mail marketing, mostly due to integrating video content into it.

Marketers won’t be able to rely as much on long commercially-oriented texts, but will have to experiment more with visual content, which should encourage users to interact with the brand. The key to success will, among other factors, surely depend also on the quality and length of the video. Videos that are too long (longer than three minutes) will easily get overlooked.

Make visual marketing a priority

Racing through the everyday, we seldom run out of time, sometimes even for the most important tasks. When we finally get to slow down and take a breath, it’s usually in the evening, when we are completely exhausted, that’s when it feels good to watch a short video instead of reading long texts. I believe that we’ve all been in a similar situation at least once, that’s why the rising importance of visual marketing comes as no surprise. Companies should carefully think about ways of strategic use for video content, let it be on their home page, through e-mail or via Youtube.


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