What changes new year brings to Twitter?

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Twiter is generally known as the social media, where news spread directly between users in form of short posts, that don’t exceed 140 characters. But things may change in the future, some big things are about to happen that could change Twitter as we know it. Their stock value hit lowest recorded value and management is not going to just stand and watch, they are trying hard to change something. That’s why we are expecting two big upcoming changes in the early stages of the year that will effect enterprises, as well as private users.

Introducing conversational ads

Twitter decided to use the first Tuesday of the year as the perfect date to present the newest form of advertising. They named it conversational ads. It’s a Twitter-exclusive type of advertising, which allows companies to increase their social media presence and more actively encourage their followers to sharing and engaging in their marketing campaigns.

How does it work?

For years marketers have used Twitter advertising for sponsored tweets in form of stunning images or videos, that aimed toward achieving retweets, favorites and gathering new followers. Now, through the use of conversational ads, they made a step forward and added »call-to-action« buttons, which even more intensively encourage users to share content and use customizable hashtags.


Source: Twitter.com

Now companies can ask their followers a question, to which they can reply with a simple click on a button, that leads to content sharing to their base of followers. This keeps the original image as well as hashtag, the company used while asking the question. Following that a message also appears to whoever replies, expressing gratitude for participating in the conversation (which also serves as some kind of a survey).

User’s tweet response is shown as organic, together with the original hashtag and image, which means that advertisers pay only for the post that was promoted originally. By doing this, every reply to a conversational ad doesn’t cost you a single cent, but means only higher return on investment (ROI).

From 140 to 10.000 characters?

Another interesting information connected with Twitter has emerged in the last days. If the previous one was mostly positively received, this one divided the general public into two parts. Rumors have circulated that Twitter was thinking about putting a stop to 140 character limit and changing it to 10.000, a number to which direct messages are currently limited. News was first published at Re/code and later partially confirmed by the CEO of Twitter himself, Jack Dorsey (see the full response here).


Source: Adweek.com

He said that the 140 character limit ensures Twitter it’s uniqueness and a special kind of beauty, even so, users still upload texts that are longer, but due to the limit, they are forced to upload them in form of a screenshot or image. If they uploaded it as text, that would definitely mean lower bandwidth usage and consequently faster performance, especially in developing countries. Besides that, the uploaded texts could be found using search engines, which would mean higher ad targeting results for Twitter.

What do new changes mean for Twitter?

The introduction of conversational ads is of course a welcome novelty, which brings various new and innovative ways of advertising to the network. We’ll see in the upcoming months, what companies will do using this kind of ads, but one thing is for sure, they will only be limited by their own creativity, since their freedom of expression has been expanded. As things go for the character limits, we’ll only be able to judge that after they decide to do such a revolutionary change. Maybe even in Q1 of 2016, who knows, but we can be sure that they won’t carelessly change their main feature, they will probably carefully and gradually allow users to express themselves in longer texts. As Jack Dorsey said himself: »What makes Twitter, Twitter is fast, public, live conversational nature. We will always work to strengthen that. For every person around the world, in every language!«



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